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What makes us unique?

We work with students to achieve
their academic goals
Sigma Academy is not just another tutoring center. The directors, Dr. Gowri Narla and Dr. Swapna Gurla, started this institute with a vision to provide a place for high school students to not only master math and science skills, but also to develop a passion for the subject. They are concerned parents who understand the anxiety of other parents. Both Dr. Narla and Dr. Gurla have over 25 years of scientific research and teaching experience with a thorough understanding of  students' needs. We helped high school students at all levels to  confidently tackle the challenges involved in taking Honors or AP Courses. We proudly claim that we have been very successful in the role we have played in helping our students attain their academic goals by providing excellent Science and Math Tutoring, Focused AP Test Preparation classes, and SAT Preparation Classes. Most of our students have performed very well with excellent scores on  both the AP exams and SAT II subject tests.
Highly Qualified Tutors taking Personal Attention to Student Success
At Sigma Academy we have highly qualified tutors with highest degrees in their areas of expertise and proven academic records. They teach at Sigma Academy to share their passion for their fields of interest and inspire the students to make rapid strides in gaining expertise in the subjects. Above all, they have the commitment to ensure that your child succeeds and are more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure that.
We understand that different students require different approaches to learning

As parents, we all know that every child is unique and every student has distinct learning skills. Keeping this in mind, we at Sigma Academy evaluate and provide individualized study plans for every student, and customize the classes to suit their needs. Each student is given the individual attention he or she requires to help them gain confidence in the areas that they might find challenging and sometimes  intimidating. Our goal is to help our students grow and reach a level of expertise and confidence to tackle the challenges provided by the curriculum. We provide a nurturing environment where students feel extremely comfortable asking questions, however simple they might seem.

Personal attention that is beyond compare

For us education is not a business, its a way of life. Education needs to be a multi-pronged approach where the students have to be inspired to investigate the intricacies of a subject and develop genuine curiosity to master the concepts, and solve the problems based on the acquired knowledge. We encourage independent thinking, reasoning and questioning. We strive to impart our enthusiasm and perseverance to our students, and work hard to ensure their success at every step.

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