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What is the class duration? What happens during a typical class?

At the time of registration, a mutually convenient time is determined based on the availability of subject experts and the individual students' schedule. The classes are about 1 hour long. The tutor stays close to the syllabus and reinforces the concepts taught at school. We provide the essential foundation needed for the students to handle their homework and excel on their class exams.

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What is the class room structure and the typical class size?

Typically, a tutor handles from 2 to 4 students at a time, sitting around a table in a conference room. The class may have mixed group of students and the tutor typically works with each student one-on-one, rotating among students as required. Every effort is made to ensure that each students' special requirements are handled efficiently.

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Can I work with the same tutor again?

We have a small team of highly qualified tutors who are experts in particular subjects. Typically, a subject is covered by 1-2 tutors.  Before each class, any alternate tutor is given an overview of individual students' lesson plan for the day, so that continuity is maintained and the students' individual requirements are met.

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Can I review my previous sessions?

We typically plan the content for a particular class based on the students' individual requirements - ensuring that progress is being made at all levels. Revision before exams and solving review worksheets are part of the flexible lesson plans. At times, we may recommend that a student come in for extra hours in order to catch up with the regular curriculum.

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What if I need extra coaching time?

We endeavor to accomodate any requests for extra tutoring based on the availability and the class load of individual tutors. For example, if there is a test that a student is not fully prepared for and wants to spend extra time at the academy, we would do everything possible to accommodate the request and make sure we provide all the necessary support to ensure his or her success at school.

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What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?

We recommend that students come for at least a couple of hours a week, so that we have sufficient time to cover each individual topic. However, we do not believe in delving into a topic that students may have already mastered outside our classes: we prefer to focus on areas that he or she actually needs help with. We believe in spending the scheduled time to help the students gain expertise in advanced topics that they may typically have some trouble mastering on their own.

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